About Us

« Lausanne Lovers ». The brand made for all Lausanne Lovers who want to share their beloved city with the world.

For travellers who enjoyed Lausanne. For expats who made their second home. For those who where born here. Lausanne Lovers was dreamed for you to bring a piece of it everywhere and to share it with your friends, family, the world.

A dream come true, thanks to the imagination of Cristel Garcia. Daughter of Portuguese expats and in love with the city where she grew up.

As a big traveller, she is used to bring a little souvenir from all the places she visits. One day she wondered what kind of souvenir would a “Lausanne Lover” bring back home to the family, friends, and neighbours.

This thinking made her realize the necessity of creating a new brand with a real identity that all lovers of the city could identify with.

Lausanne is a cosmopolitan, touristic and Olympic city with its old town, cathedral, iconic lake and the three hills: La Cité, le Bourg et Sain-Laurent.

Between all the thinking and consideration, “Lausanne Lovers” was born to become a brand with a modern design that used the three hills of the city to make its own graphic identity. An identity created thanks to the collaboration with the talented designer, Beatriz Louro Martins.

Lausanne Lovers, a brand made with love by the two founders: Cristel Garcia and Bruno Costa. A brand with various products targeted to satisfy all Lausanne Lovers’ tastes and wishes.